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Not as much or as little as possible,
          but rather the necessary optimum!

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TPC® Mat Instructor Gold

The Silver and Gold courses are divided into modules.
Each module covers theory, practice in self-training and practice in instruction.

The The Pi Concept - Concept® Mat Instructor Gold course spans 69 lessons,
and is divided into 3 course modules (5 days), plus self-training and job-shadowing:

  • Module 1:
    • Silver Update
    • Advanced Level
    • Posture analysis II
  • Module 2:
    • Extension/Consolidation of Module 1
    • Special Needs
    • Modifications
    • Myofascial integration II
    • Methods + teaching approaches III
  • Module 3:
    • Exam preparation
    • Final examination (Gold)

Between the individual course modules, at least 9 Pilates classes
(5 in self-training, 2 in personal training, and 2 in job-shadowing) must be completed over 4 weeks at
The The Pi Concept Hamburg - Concept® (TPC®) training centre or a Pilates studio recognised by TPC®
and recorded in a log book (not included in the module fee).

The final examination for the TPC® Mat Instructor Gold is taken following submission of the log book
and consultation with The The Pi Concept Concept - Concept® (TPC®) trainer.

    Final examination
    • Written (20%)
    • Oral (20%)
    • Practical (3 parts) (60%)
      • 30-minute group class and self-training
      • Posture analysis of a person, and
      • Preparing and performing a training unit (55 minutes) for this person

Shortened course durations and certification for already certified Pilates instructors from other institutes are available.
Mat Neo-Certification

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