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Professional, but never boring!

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For the first time in Germany!

Exclusive to Hamburg!


Experience another dimension of Pi Concept training!
Challenge yourself further with Pilates exercises on the Bellicon Rebounder (a special trampoline)!
Your cardio training will also be 3x more effective than jogging!

Whether you’re a Basic, Intermediate or Advanced participant, this piece of training equipment
will challenge you without overwhelming you!
Following a warm-up of breathing, balance, gentle swinging
and dynamic stabilisation, the class starts with approx. 15-30 minutes of cardio training based on Pi Concept principles.
This is then followed by Pi Concept exercises involving sitting, lying, kneeling, standing etc. on the Rebounder.

Fun factor guaranteed!

Try it!

The The Pi Concept - Concept® PiBound® Instructor (TPC® PiBound® Instructor)
course covers the following:


The - Concept® (TPC®) - Training Centre - in Hamburg - personal and individually tailored

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