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Acquire, analyse, broaden and
deepen your knowledge!

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The training´s scope

The certified ThePi Concept training centre logo - Concept Mat Instructor,
training course, or
The Pi Concept - Concept® Mat Instructor for short,

is unique in the Pilates industry!

And so is its value for money!

More instruction, less job shadowing!

Your future clients will thank you for it!

Course content:

In addition to learning, The Pi Concept - Concept® Matwork course teaches The The Pi Concept - Concept® (TPC®) philosophy,
instruction principles, goals, maxims and "essences",
the theoretical aspects of the scientific background and PiLates exercises, potential special needs of clients
(modifications, clinical symptoms etc.),
hands-on techniques, methods and teaching models.

Duration and cost:

To ensure the quality of the premium Pilates course run by The The Pi Concept - Concept® (TPC®) I have chosen
an extended (by several weekends) matwork course in
The PiLates Ausbildungszentrum in Hamburg - Concept® (TPC®) Mat Instructor Gold
(19 teaching days).
In my opinion, it is not enough to simply learn
the Pilates exercises and their modifications!
They also need to be understood in such a way that,
once the course is over, each participant
has the basic tools to independently analyse both
the exercises and their quality!




That’s why The The Pi Concept - Concept® (TPC®) matwork course
alone consists of 123 (!) lesson units up to Intermediate Level!

In obtaining The Pi Concept Ausbildungszentrum - Concept® (TPC®) matwork course Gold
(Advanced Level) qualification,
you’ll receive

251 lesson units of quality training
- unheard of in the Pilates industry!

(Unlike other Pilates training centres, which offer a maximum of 100 lesson units.)

The Pi Concept training centre 

Hamburg - Concept® (TPC®) matwork course covers:
1 The Pi Concept Mat Instructor training centre in Hamburg - Concept® (TPC®) theory book, and
2 The TPC PiLates - Concept® (TPC®) Mat Instructor technical books.

The The Pi Concept Logo - Concept® (TPC®) - Training Center - in Hamburg - personal and individually tailored

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