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Repeating an action
       doesn’t improve its quality;
               - it only makes it more familiar!

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- Concept® Studio Instructor Platinum
TPC® Studio Instructor Platinum

- Concept® Studio Instructor Platinum course comprises
11 star workshops with a total of 18 stars.
(1*= half-day workshop, 2*= full-day workshop, 3*= two-day workshop)

WS-01S: The essences of an exercise (3*)
WS-A: Pregnancy (1*)
WS-B: Magic Circle (1*)
WS-C: Foam Roller (1*)
WS-D: Hands-on (1*)
WS-E: Voice&Image (1*)
WS-DE: Hands-On + Voice&Image (2*)
WS-F: The theory of training (1*) (required for WS-G, WS-H, WS-I)
(optional for physiotherapists)
WS-G: Fascia (3*)
WS-HS: Individual focus on shoulder girdle (2*)
WS-IS: Individual focus on pelvis (2*)
WS-JS: More of Basic, Intermediate & Advanced Studio Repertoire (2*)

All workshops are open to certified studio instructors from other institutes!

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